Seminar details

Modul 1

  • The topical issue of leading knowledge workers. Parameters and trends (demographics, economy, working relationships, values)
  • Introduction to reflecting on one’s own experiences of being led or in a leadership role
  • The leadership and bonding of knowledge workers through personality
  • Discussion on leadership models
  • Thematic coordination of leadership, management and the leadership of knowledge workers
  • Targeted, goal-oriented leadership: from alignment to negotiation

Modul 2

  • Understanding the needs and motivations of knowledge workers
  • Similarities and differences to one’s own needs
  • Peers’ feedback on the effect on others. Applying this to the leadership of knowledge workers
  • Communication with knowledge workers
  • The meaning of organisational culture to knowledge workers. Definitions, models and case studies
  • Systemic thinking and systemic management
  • Principles of team development for knowledge workers
  • Conflicts as opportunities for the leadership of knowledge workers

Modul 3

  • Leadership as the bridge between organisational goals and knowledge workers
  • Change management in theory and practice
  • A run down of typical change management and tailored interventions
  • The creation of change architecture
  • Involving knowledge workers in change processes
  • Leadership during change processes
  • Key competencies: communication and inclusion
  • Leadership of multicultural teams
  • Talent management as a tool in the leadership of knowledge workers

Key Information

What: Presentations, group work, experience-oriented learning, collegial advice
Principles: Openness, respect, appreciation, reflection
Target Group: All organisational leaders who want to attract and/or retain knowledge workers
Dates: Please contact us for further training events
Costs: 4.500 € plus VAT

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