Seminar overview


The following points will be covered in 3 modules over 9 days:

  • Leading knowledge workers: Specific requirements and options.
  • How to keep employees in an
    organisation for longer.
  • How does personality influence leaders’ relationships with knowledge workers?
  • How can the bridge between organisational strategy and knowledge workers work?
  • How can highly paid soloists become
    a tuneful orchestra?
  • What contribution does leadership make to the efficient cooperation across departmental, country and cultural boundaries?


  • Through real organisations’ actual examples and participants’ own experiences.
  • On the basis of current effective leadership models.
  • By dosed theory mixed with live interaction.
  • With a balance of reflection and practice.
  • Making it sustainable and directly applicable using input from peers and through networking.
  • By thinking and creating new ideas in a stimulating environment away from the day-to-day.

Seminar Details

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