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Stephan Orths

  • Born 1958, married
  • Dipl.-Ing. RWTH Aachen
  • 17 years in senior management
  • 8 years as a consultant
  • Partner of the synetz Group
  • Head of the synetz Change-Processes company
  • International and inter-cultural experience
  • Many years of experience of managing staff and teams
  • German and English as working languages
  • Author
  • Able to work with ambiguity

Bernd Peters

  • Born 1963
  • M.A. (German language and literature, Psychology, Education Science)
  • 22 years as a trainer, consultant, personal and organisational developer including leadership development for international organisations including ABB and Daimler
  • Supporting Change Management projects and Strategy development
  • International and inter-cultural experience
  • German and English as working languages
  • Interested in people and results

0049 (0)761 881 4122

0049 (0)6078 930 7127

During the course of my career as production manager and technical director in internationally renowned businesses I managed a series of important change projects. During these I kept finding that the most challenging aspect as well as critical success factor of these projects was to align the organisational need for continuous improvement with those needs of the employees.

I am always hugely impressed by how effectively a participant can apply the output of a targeted exercise within a leadership programme in their actual leadership practice. Being able to enable such experiences at our events is what really concerns and satisfies me.

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